Hidden (House of Night #10) – Prolog



She looked from Zoey to Kalona.

She couldn’t believe it.

Zoey’s Circle had been telling the truth.

„Neferet must be brought out of power!” she declared, making it an oath. They all looked at her and nodded.

„We’re destined to help you, Thanatos,” Aphrodite said grimly. „Much as we wanna run fucking screaming in an ugly-ass mess of snot and tears.” Zoey nodded in agreement.

Thanatos nodded. The High Priestess felt Death swirling around her- getting ready to welcome someone else into its open arms.

The bus pulled in front of the House of Night. Thanatos was not listening to the conversation of the fledglings and humans behind her. She was staring at Neferet, who was standing by the doors to the House.

„Do not let her harm you,” Thanatos murmured, grabbing onto her newest Warrior’s arm. Kalona held onto her as well. Thanatos and Kalona exited the bus. Neferet’s eyes widened in disbelief. „You dare ally with Kalona?” she hissed at Thanatos. Usually the High Priestess didn’t question her motives, but something had felt right about Kalona being her Warrior. Something had felt… Good, for once.

„She is my High Priestess, and I am her Warrior,” Kalona said. Thanatos was surprised to see tears in his eyes. „Death and I have a job to do.”

„Neferet, you have allied with the white bull of Darkness, begun calling the bull your Consort. Do you not understand the deep wrongness of this heinous act?” Thanatos took a deep breath and glared at Neferet.

Neferet ignored her question. „Where is Aurox?” she asked, brushing a strand of auburn hair away from her face.

„Back on Grandma’s farm,” Zoey said quietly. Thanatos turned to see her and Stark standing beside them. Zoey’s eyes were full of fear, but also with bravery. She was prepared to fight for what she believed in.

Thanatos saw the true eyes of a High Priestess on Zoey Redbird. She then understood why Nyx had Chosen Zoey. She had the blood of both Wise Woman and High Priestess in her.

Stark was curled around Zoey, as if he feared something would happen then, to his High Priestess or to anyone else.

„Very well,” Neferet said smoothly. When they all stared blankly at her, she snapped, „GET TO CLASS, fledglings and vampyres! You do not need to miss the rest of your day.” Thanatos watched as the children walked inside the House of Night. Neferet followed them, until it was just her and Kalona.

He looked magnificent and gorgeous in the dim moonlight. „I must go, High Priestess,” he said, kissing her hand. The kiss tingled her soul for some reason.

„Goodbye,” Thanatos murmured. Kalona spread his night-colored wings and flew. Thanatos waited for a moment before she entered the House of Night, watching the sapphire sky change patterns in the night.


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