Carrie Jones – Need

Woods and werewolves and pixies… oh my.

Zara White suspectează că există un tip ciudat care aproape că o urmăreşte. Dar să o trimită în umedul Maine să locuiască cu bunica ei? Asta pare cam extrem. Mutarea ar trebui să o ajute să rămână sănătoasă. . . dar Zara e destul de sigur că mama ei nu se poate descurca cu ea chiar acum.

Ea nu ar putea să greşească mai mult. Se pare că semi-vânătorul nu este o născocire a imaginaţiei foarte bogate a  Zarei. De fapt, el este încă în urma ei, lăsând o dâră stranie de praf auriu. Ceva nu este în regulă – inuman – în acest Maine adormit, şi toate semnele duc la Zara.

Mai multe detalii:

In this creepy, compelling breakout novel, Carrie Jones delivers romance, suspense, and a creature you never thought you’d have to fear.

It’s not hard to see Twilight in the DNA of this novel: Zara’s stepfather has died, her mother isn’t capable of caring for her, and she has been sent to live with her grandmother in a small remote town in Maine. When her car spins out of control (Calling Stephenie Meyer!), she’s rescued by sexy Nick (who turns out to be a werewolf), and something might be cooking with her overachieving classmate Ian. Too bad she’s being followed by someone dark and dangerous-a pixie king. This pixie is no harmless sprite: „when not mated with a queen for an unspecified amount of time,” Zara learns, „the pixie kings will demand… young human men, who they kill after using them for their blood-hungry pleasures.” Will Zara sacrifice herself to this vampire stand-in or let him destroy everything she loves? Jones (Love {and Other Uses for Duct Tape]) easily wins readers to Zara’s side, portraying her as a funny, globally conscious teen who also „collect[s} fears like other people collect stamps” (obscure phobias serve as chapter titles). Genre fans will enjoy the sizzle between Nick and Zara as well as the paranormal cast. Ages 12-up. (Jan.)

Nonviolent, extremely loyal, and sometimes self-sacrificing, Zara just can’t seem to get away from pixies. Her mother sent her from her hometown of Charleston to Bedford, Maine, because she thought that would keep her safe. She was almost right. In Bedford, Zara formed a group of strong, dedicated friends like Issie, Nick, Devyn, and her stepgrandmother, Betty. But Bedford is a hotbed of pixie activity, and soon Zara finds that she is more linked to pixies than she could have ever imagined.

Five Fun Freaky Facts about Zara:
She wishes her name did not start with Z.
She can run a six-minute mile easily.
She has a tendency to drop cell phones in toilets.
When she was little, she would take off all her clothes and run laps in the living room, pretending she was a racehorse. She stopped when realized the home videos could be turned it for black mail. Zara is not cool with that.
She can write with both her right and her left hands.

Zara’s Favorite . . .
Car: Yoko, the Subaru of Awesomeness
Holiday: Christmas
Board Game: Yahtzee
Color: Yellow
Sport: Cross-country
Time of Year: Summer
Topic of Conversation: Anything other than pixies
Animal: Wolves (Hmm, wonder why?)


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